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RECENT BLOG POSTS The above link is to an article in Realtor magazine March 2010. It states that realtors are not supposed to present offer to the lander in a shortsale or communicate with them after an offer is recieved. Oh how I wish this...
As we are already over a month into 2010, I am still struggling with managing time so that I achieve my goals AND enjoy my life. I found an article that addresses time managemnet and has great tips. Enjoy and have a blessed day! Renee
I was recently at a seminar where the speaker was giving tips to more successful transactions. He spoke of prequalifying sellers as well as buyers. His steps included: Ask what the sellers owe currently Prepare a sellers net sheet so they know what they will potentially get Do an ACCURATE market ...
I am sure many of you are aware of a scam on craiglist and other sites. Scammers search for vacant listings, and then try to "rent" them to an unwitting renter. These people do not own the property and often don't even live in the state where the house is that they are supposedly trying to rent. ...
12 Simple Ways to Stay in TouchDon't wait until the customer has forgotten your name to establish contact. Begin your client-base-building soon after the transaction is over, when your identity and the good service is still fresh in the customer's mind. These simple follow-up tasks will demonstra...
20 Tips for a Positive New Year •1.       Take a 10-30 minute "Thank You" walk every day.  While walking practice gratitude.  It is the ultimate anti-depressant. •2.      Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.  Buy a lock if you have to. •3.      Buy a TIVO, tape your late night shows a...
Attached is a link to a great little utube video about the tax credit. I plan to email it to my sphere and put it on facebook and twitter. Hope everyone out there is having a great 2010 so far. Best Wishes  Renee
We have had 3 days here in Omaha with snow, blizzard and extreme cold. I work from home mostly but have an office at my broker's office too. With 4 kids home from school for three days, I am at my wits end. Can't go to the office- snowed in. Can't take em to grammas same reason. Any ideas on how ...
You've heard that bad realtors just take listings, put a sign in the yard and collect a commission if the house ever sells. Well I am a full service realtor with a list of 25 things we do to market each listing we have. I just got a bit of great luck last weekend on a listing I bought a special b...
According to Moody's 11 states are recovering from the recession. In 38 states the recession is slowing. Only Nevada is considered to be still "deep in recession". You can go to to see where your state falls. We have seen less effects of the recession here in Nebraska ev...

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