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A guy from another group Im in posted this today and I think it's the best tour video I've ever seen. What do you think?
REBarCamp 2011 - Atlanta GA -  Friday Oct 28th Get in on this and save $5 if you click here and read the text which has a discount code. I know my agent pals hate to read the fine print but this one's worth $5! These days that's well worth the trouble! Meet me there and I will give you an awesom...
If you have an iphone or ipod touch check out the 360 panoram app.  This is the coolest of apps and its very simple to use. Best of all is the price. Free! This look at a neighborhood kudzu patch becoming a park was from a short walk this morning.  http://360.io/kkpcn2      
Happy Memorial Weekend, y'all. I'm panning some fun at the Decatur Arts Festival. Don't bug me about real estate unless you have a strong offer ;-)
  If you are an agent with a youtube channel there's a good way to promote your page and build your brand.  Simply subscribe and friend this new channel and one of your videos will be featured.  You'll gain a subscriber and more video plays without any expense and nearly no effort Simply visit -...
The new media means email is less important lately as social channels are preferred by many, like me, but email is still a top tool. One of the ways I'm guarding my address from the nasty-bots is to use scr.im This cool little tool simply verifys that the visitor seeking your address is a human v...
  We're all busy and can find 101 excuesses to miss CE classes in the real world.  Online classes are often expensive and frustrating.  Now the Georgia Real Estate Commission has online classes designed to keep you out of trouble. Imagine that! Seems like a good idea.  I especially love the pric...
Brad Nix shared this video via Facebook today and I'm sharing it here. It will speaak to some of you too. Ira Glass is a real master at getting to a good story. This video shows a little more insight into this skill, and made me feel a whole lot better about my efforts. My stuff is OK, but nowher...
Reading an article I found on the web today I was only a little surprised to learn that the average consumer grade on a new questionnaire was a failing grade of only 60%. Since I'm an interested party I wanted to see if this test was worthy and what I might learn. Fast forward to my respectable g...
Join the coolest kids in real estate... or not. It's your business ;-)

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