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A look on what's happening in and around Charlotte North Carolina, the hottest city in the South East. Reading and commenting on my blog has been known to cause hair to grow back, relationships to get mended, to increase your pay, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex.



On January 1, 2011, a new Offer to Purchase and Contract debuts and will be the basis for nearly all residential resale purchases in the state of North Carolina.  It is vastly different from it predecessor, which was written to benefit the buyer rather than the seller.  Here are the highlights: 1...
A few months back, I wrote a post that "inspired" a lot of debate on the topic of short sale fraud.  In short, I cautioned those facing foreclosure to perform a bit of due diligence before they just call anybody to help them with their situation.  To that end is a new twist on my favorite short ...
Taken from my Charlotte Short Sale, Foreclosure, and Loan Modification Blog When facing foreclosure, the number one issue that homeowners fail to consider is the possibility of a deficiency judgment. Deficiency Judgments allow your former lender to sue you for the balance of what was owed at the ...

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