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A look on what's happening in and around Charlotte North Carolina, the hottest city in the South East. Reading and commenting on my blog has been known to cause hair to grow back, relationships to get mended, to increase your pay, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex.



In real estate, there are a few rules that buyers should be aware of but most are not.  Not knowing and following these rules could compromise your future negotiations, weaken your position, and put you at risk if you've signed a buyers agency agreement.  1. Never discuss personal matters with an...
For years, the mantra has been that the Muliple Listing System is the one thing that we REALTORS can hold on to and should protect to protect our industry.  Through many legal challenges, NAR has successfully fought off attacks from groups seeking to gain access and turn the MLS into a public sea...
The concept of of the central vacuum is absolutely brilliant.  Take the stinkiest, heaviest, loudest piece of equipment and isolate it in a place like the garage or basement.  They've been around for years but have fallen out of vogue because of the long suction lines, multiple attachments that d...
For the last six months, all I have heard are doom and gloom reports on how bad the real estate market is.  Homes not selling, buyers not buying, everyone going into foreclosure, and the world is ending as we know it.  Well after I got over my pity party and realized that I'm going to rise above ...
Developing real estate isn't rocket science.  Actually it isn't much of any science.  Some are far better than others at the process and the rest are either too wealthy or lucky to care of their bad mistakes.  However, drive through any major city and the neighborhoods that buyers desire most res...
So we're back from another inspiring Keller Williams Realty Family Reunion.  The twelve or so agents from our office who attended really got a chance to see the heart of the company and to know exactly what is meant by "its not about the money."  For the past year or so, our office in Union Count...
Whenever he wins or enters the stage for driver introductions, Kurt Busch is roundly booed.  At first glance, you'd think...what's not to like about him?  He's the 2004 Sprint Cup Series Champion, he's been successful on many other levels, he drives the once venerable #2 Miller Brewing Company ca...
As I sit home sick with the flu, I've decided to take the opportunity to work on some person items I have left outstanding.  One of which was that I had not updated my information with the voting registrar in my new county since the move.  On the form, it asks for party affiliation and unlike in ...

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