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What do you say when someone invites you to Pound?  Pound beers ( you say yes!), pound the pavement (you ask why?), pound meat (is it Thanksgiving?), pound the drums (earplugs, please).  In this case it was an invitation to POUND, the hot fitness trend that combines drumming, sweating, and fun mu...
Today we had a spirited round-table discussion about the "new rules" handed down from the Facebook gods regarding conducting business on "the social network."  A few agents are holding out and don't want a business page, preferring to post on their personal page in a mix of business-family relate...
Ever since I became a Realtor people tell me they are thinking about moving.  Aren’t we all always “kinda” thinking about it?  Dreaming about a little more space?  A spa bathtub?  A man cave?  A gourmet kitchen that gleams? A pool? A better neighborhood? Some of us will always be dreaming, and ot...
A few weeks ago, after the murder of Beverly Carter, there was lots of chatter about realtor safety, and someone on Active Rain blogged a list of apps for personal safety. I wish I could remember who penned that blog so I could give them a shout out, but alas I don't recall the author.  I did, ho...
Whenever I need to move on from a difficult situation, I sing a little ditty in my head. It's not MY little song, it's Taylor Swift's.  And it can get stuck - really stuck- in my head.  So when a negotiation gets under my skin, or a listing presentation doesn't end up with my sign in the yard, I ...
Toxic people defy logic. That was the first line of an article I read on LinkedIN this week. And it's true.  I often walk away from a toxic conversation wondering what's going on in the other person's life to make them so....angry.  On Monday I asked a FSBO why she wasn't using a Realtor.  She to...
People ask me all the time, “Hey Jenn, How’s the market?”  Seriously, they do. And if I’m standing in the parking lot at Kroger at the end of a long day, I might jump into an explanation (ok, rant) about how much I despise grocery shopping. Woops.  I see a confused look on their face.  Wrong “mar...
As Realtors we hire stagers to style a home so it sells; they bring in trendy items and accessories that accentuate and highlight the great bones of the home.  It got me thinking...who styles the Realtor? Probably nobody unless you're one of the agents on Million Dollar Listing!  Recently I signe...
Recently I challenged myself to host a networking event in my area.  It would be a great way to get myself out in the community while also connecting local professionals.  Good idea, right?  The devil is in the details: How was I going to set it up?  Whom would I invite?  Where would I hold the e...
My oldest daughter began middle school this month and even tried out for the basketball team.  She made the first cut (whew!) and before the second round of tryouts the coach asked the girls to tell him something interesting about themselves. My daughter came up with, “I live in your former house...

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