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If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home for resale, or you just want an updated look for your own enjoyment, there are a few things you must consider before beginning any costly project. Sure, you can spend a lot on something purely for the personal pleasure of having it - like t...
I really thought long and hard about sharing this story.  I spoke with JC, for those who know RET, and he said, there are negatives and postives and it's just like McDonalds needs Burger King. One gas station on a corner needs another on the other corner. Competition makes us stronger and it help...
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?   TITANS PLAYOFF TICKETS DIVISIONAL ROUND SAT-SUN, 10-11 JANUARY 2009 TITANS AFC CHAMPIONSHIP TICKETS SUNDAY, 18 JANUARY 2009 There will be limited tickets available for purchase for these events. Ticket purchase is limited to a maximum of four tickets per househo...
  RET - Real Estate Tomato One day while I was doing a “long-tail” search for Military Spouse prayer groups, I came across an article that was by a Realtor.  I was kind of shocked that out of all my searches for a prayer group I get a Real Estate website. “What the world” I am a Realtor, that was...
To contintue where I left off with my first post, Are You Using Twitter, I have found some more information that you just might find interesting and fun! You know, at first when I started on Twitter I had the hardest time figuring it out. It was like a program already in play and you join but ca...
Great information about Facebook!BBB Warns: Your Facebook Friends Could Actually be Hackers, Scam Artists, and ID Thieves [January 5, 2009 - Nashville, TN] Social networking Web sites are a great way to find old classmates, stay connected with friends, even make new friends. Unfortunately, hacker...
In the day and life of this Realtor, it might seem that I spend a lot of hours working on the internet.  The truth is…I do. Working to market Your listing Networking with other Realtors who have buyers that might be interested in your listing Building relationships with clients and Real Estate Ag...
Very informative blog here. This comes from another AR Realtor in another State but I am sure it would add insight to anyone in any state! THEY ARE CONSUMERS, NOT HOUSING MARKET ANALYSTS. A recent comment that the American consumer had marginal ability to pay and didn't care is typical of many po...
Just downloaded it and watch the youtube tutorial on it.  I think I am going to like this and it will be more organized for what I am doing with my blogging!Microsoft has a great browser that most of you use for touring the Internet called Internet Explorer. Duh! Some of us have had issues with p...
Alright, I played around with this yesterday and LOVE IT!!!  Got it programmed into my iPhone! Thank you, thank you Roland for this awesome information!!!Google has come up with a brilliant idea now for calling information and getting a phone number. Google now has GOOG-411   1-800-GOOG-411  (1-8...

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