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Good Credit   I recently denied client for a loan.... She thought she had good credit. And on the face of it she did.... Zero derogatory accounts, perfect payment history. And that would have been enough if she had a few more accounts with some age on them. But why did she get denied? Every credi...
Found a little video that describes the Homebuyer Tax Credit very well.     RE/MAX Chief Executive Officer, Margaret Kelly, talks about the government's extension/expansion of the first-time homebuyer tax credit. Certain existing homeowners can now qualify for the credit and homebuyers have until...
  Hey guys.... I highly recommend Chad Weber and his service. I went thru his training.... He knows his stuff!!! He has another class coming up!!       I promised you last week I had something very important I wanted to share. I apologize in advance if this is going to sound a bit on the unbeliev...
Texas Mortgage Rates, Dallas TX Lender   What a year. We have seen rates as high as in the mid 6%'s and as low as the low 4% range on 15yr loans. We are staring at the lows right now.... A great time to refinance to a low fixed rate that you will never have to refinance out of.... It is that low!...
New homebuyer tax credit   A new tax credit for homebuyers has been enacted and there are some changes. Income limits have been increased and it is no longer restricted to First Time Homebuyers. I have included a chart below from the National Association of Realtors. This is the best illustration...
    When Credit Card Companies Lower Your Credit Limit   Has this happened to you? It may have happened and you didn't know it because it was tucked into the fine print of your recent bill. But if you aren't using the full limit..... Does this action by the credit card company help you or hurt yo...
  Some neat home 'staging' tips on the attached video!!     We've been preaching it for a very long time...Real estate professionals need high quality video content on their website.  It helps with SEO results, it portrays a more professional image and retains viewership some 70-percent longer th...
Free Lifetime Hunting & Fishing License   What a great fundraiser! And what a great State Agency. Texas Parks & Wildlife does a fantastic job with conservation, not to mention what they do with all of the fantastic parks and lake acces facilities. I am a huge fan of Texas Parks and you should be...
How to use your blog to enhance relationships with existing prospects and clients Do YOU use your activerain blog catalog to reach out to existing clients and prospects? Here is what I have done.   I have used extensively my article on FHA Streamline Refinances. I get questions by email and thru ...
Educating Real Estate Agents On How To Use Modern Technologies To Better Their Business Will Never Be The Same! On November 17th, 2009 dozens of the most respected educators in the real estate industry converge to host the first of its kind, Virtual Real Estate BarCamp. Virtual Real Estate BarCam...


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