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Finally, something that makes sense....    I'm tired of that "F-R- Double E Spells FREE" credit report commercial!    Because what they are "hawkin' is NOT free! Thankfully, on March 3, 2010 the Federal Trade Commission file a revision to the Free Annual File Disclosure Rule to address the abuses...
Some good advice from a friend of mine. Pay attention to the timeline.... Don't lose out on the Tax Credit    At the time I was writing this post we had 69 days and nearly 22 hours left to get those contracts signed and executed. Let me explain - that's almost not enough time. By the time you, as...
      I am partnering with Cammie Winover and Winover Insurance to deliver an introductory course about blogging to Realtors in the Dallas area. Contact Cammie for great Texas Insurance Rates TODAY!!   Original content posted at my Texas Home Loan Blog.       Tom BurrisDallasLoanGuy.comDallas, TX...
UPDATE YOUR VIRUS DEFINITIONS TODAY!!!! Kneber Botnet is a new virus after financial info. ALSO.... searching for info on Kneber can result in you stumbling onto a malware site. Be careful. If you search for info on this virus, click only on trusted news source links and beware of spoofs. http://...
Interesting.....   Do NOT miss this....    Video Blog- "Is The FDIC Killing Short Sales?"- A MUST WATCH Many of you read the blog I wrote in September/2009, entitled "Is The FDIC Killing Short Sales?"  In the blog, I explained how OneWest Bank, who had received a sweetheart deal from the FDIC cal...
  I am in..... Are you?!?!?!       RainCamp™ is Headed To Dallas Texas We are confirmed with a venue and all the details for Dallas Texas RainCamp™.  With eveything now in place, this will be the best RainCamp™ EVER!  The entire ActiveRain staff have worked tirelessly to put this one together, tr...
  From the Horses Mouth..... So to speak.... (sorry David) FHA Commissioner David Stevens explains the need for a few changes to FHA       Today I will be announcing a series of changes to FHA that will affect some of you. As you read about them, please note a few key points. FHA fell below is le...
Good info for first time homebuyers. You will get lots of offers after you buy a home as the transaction is a public record.  So you may have bought a new home this year, if so, congratulations.  The home buying process can be a fun and interesting process.  Hopefully you had a good experience. M...
The Fight to Save YSP YSP is under fire.... And many in the industry think this will actually RAISE COSTS to the Borrower/Buyer. This short 4:00 video will give you all of the information you need to comment on this very important. Remember: THIS WILL RAISE BORROWER COSTS!!!! http://www.thinkbigw...
Everyone in our industry needs to get involved here. Sign the petitionThis might help. http://www.thinkbigworksmall.com/mypage/archive/1/4916/   Please sign the petition and help change this. http://www.hvccpetition.com/  Gynell Stalford Metroplex Appraisal Services - FHA & FLAGSTAR APPROVED Comm...


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