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You know it never ceases to amaze me the on bank owned property(REO's) the attitudes purveyed and delays in responses  and of their requests of potential buyers. I have no problem with the confirmation of buyer's ability to purchase by the banks own lender. I take great exception though when it i...
I just closed my first short sale with Wachovia.  What a difference! 2 months vs 4-9 months. No BS.....just down to business, give me the facts and lets move forward. What a delight and relatively coherent process. Now if the rest of the banking and lending industry would get on board we can move...
For those home owners whose best option has been determined is a short sale , just what should you expect? Home is sold as-is Seller does not make a profit Seller may be required to bring some out of the pocket money to the table(Not always, depends on offer, your deficit and the lender) Most ban...
That is a loaded question. There are several reasons. Short sales are here for awhile and whether representing  buyer or seller experience in short sales is a must. I was ridiculed when I first started doing short sales....mostly the ridicule came out of ignorance and lack of knowledge. Within a ...
Buyers have a tremendous opportunity to purchase and to maximize their purchase power with FHA 203K loans. Divided into two categories...Streamline, $35000 or less needed for upgrades and/or repairs or Full Blown for over $35000 and any structural repairs that might be needed. The beauty of these...
Well the title is a loaded sentence......Certainly depends on where you are .......But we are seeing multiple offers again...Not necessarily way above the list price but solid multiple offers......Granted it depends on the price range and area . Concord for instance has a slew of buyers who are q...
Yes, they can. The new little guy that I adopted a few weeks ago presents with such.He was grumbling, muttering and pacing while sleeping and eating...Fortunately he was acting out when I took him to the Vet...The Vet immediately recognized it as anxiety due to the fact he and his wife adopted a ...
Specific to California.......I have been approached by buyers as well as several colleagues of mine about writing multiple offers at once on various properties and see which ones win......... In California, if a buyer writes up a mulitple offers and those offers are accepted by the various seller...
Actually , NO it may not be.... This is where we are going to see a lot of backlash within the next few months when the sh-t hits the fan. There are mitigating circumstances to each particular situation. What may be right and work for one may not work for the other. There may be penalties involve...
Buying a foreclosed home, is it the best and wisest buyer choice? What you must know about Foreclosed homes. Foreclosed homes, they are everywhere. You a are a buyer seeking to find the best deal in the market while protecting your financial interests. Is Foreclosed homes the best option? Depends...

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Links to Bay Area Cities and various services with blogs on various real estate topics.Access to MLS.