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Driving around the county as much as I do, I like to share what I see. As usual the time of year when the winter visitor (snowbird) is now. I have seen an increase in out of state plates from Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado & other western states. I have yet to see very many plates from the mi...
During our staff meetings on tues. a.m. we have what is called "your one great idea for the week" ! As usual, the room draws to dead silence. You see we have been together so long & shared so many ideas, that at times you just run out. Well, the manager piped in & said " Would you like to get FSB...
We had a discussion the other day at our office meeting to the topic of is there 12 months worth of work to make money in. The answer was "YES" there is. THe office manager advised that one year she had 3 sides working during the later part of December ! I was amazed ! I assumed that most people ...
I just recently returned from a drive around the neighborhood where my office is located. We are fortunate enough to be located in the historic district of Kingman Az. I have found several homes that were built prior to WWII that are priced well below market value. These homes also qualify for hi...
Back in 2004 I lost my place to live, my realationship, & my j.o.b. I was looking at being homeless in Lake Havasu City, Az. with summer fast approaching. I was driving a 1960 V.W. bus ! I had $200 in my pocket & that was it. The 1st thing I did was call Christian Children's Fund & sign up to spo...
Well it's been 62 years since the first boomer was born & yesterday was an important date in U.S. history. The 1st boomer retires. Were will this next 20 years take us ? If we are in real estate in a warm climate, most likely we will have a busy next 20 years. If you have seen several of the fina...
For anyone that has gone thru the credit crunch recently & would still like to purchase real estate with little down, I can help them with the purchase of affordable housing. Nothing like the pride of ownership. Please call or email for assistance in this market.
I hope that all of you are surviving the climate we are in. Locally here in Kingman there are numerous properties to buy at well below market value. I have several listed myself. These properties are a dollars woth of value for fifty cents of cost. Just call or email me for the latest news. I can...

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