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I am so overwhelmed with all the marketing tools available these days. If you have done something that you really liked, and it went over well in your area, please share it privately with me. You can send it directly to me at my office: teresa.isner@kingthompson.com  I look forward to hearing you...
UH....I get so frustrated & upset when a client calls me tosay that they are not feeling "SPECIAL". Special I say......What exactly do you mean? Well, what are you doing to make my house more special that the other homes that are on the market??? At this point I just want to come unglued. I very ...
I love to hear the funny things that happen in other offices today. At the Grove City Coldwell Banker King Thompson office that I work at we have what we call the pink pig award. It is a pink piggy bank that you keep on your desk. We tell our funny stories at our office meetings and nominate who ...
If you are currently upside down in your mortgage and have questions about how to "sell" or get out of your current situation, post your questions here and I'll be happy to answer them. You may call me privately also at 614-580-8090. I pride myself in helping others.I can help 1st time buyers, se...

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