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Cantu shows you how to get high Google rankings and how to connect to the "right" online customers with ease.
Here are the top keywords that pop up when searching for the term - real estate investors - in Google trends, ( This is a tool that will help you find the correct keyword search terms and also show you hot cities and metro areas where these keywords are being searched.   It...
Here are the the top cities for "Short Sales" according to Google Trends - Jan. 20, 2015     Raleigh 100     New York 88     Boston 86     Pittsburgh 80     Denver 78     Charlotte 77     Washington 77     San Francisco 76     Phoenix 74          
Are you looking for more accurate web traffic stats for your Wordpress?   It doesn't matter if you use Wordpress as a blog or as your main site you will need this plug in. This allows you to be able to see who is coming to your sites an...
SOCIAL MEDIA - it's everywhere. But what are people really looking at? The number of people looking at various social media services are split into many interesting percentages.  If you have accounts with Facebook, Google+, Twitter as well as your own IDX sites then make sure you are looking at a...
Twitter is a fantastic tool and it has grown considerably over the years. I was never a huge fan of it when it first came out. Now you have access to things like analytics and can see who is reading your tweets and who is taking your media seriously. It will also connect you to your ideal market....
Here is something I hear quite often when I go out to meetings. "Google+ has never done nothing for me..... do you like it?". The answer is that I like it and for me it goes way beyond the Facebook comparison. To me Google+ is not just a clone of Facebook and it is actually a usefull. Theres code...
It's getting harder to get any Google love these days. I suspect it has something to do with ad revenue. The projections this year are set in the billions. There are also constant algorithm changes that is going to affect content.But fear not, check out Yelp. It's not just for restaurants anymore...
ITS THE WEEKEND WRAP UP SHOWWeek of January 16, 2015We cover the TOP Article Sites that you need to be on to get great SEO rankings for your company. We look at what search engines are looking for in your content.Google Trends - What Are The Top Cities For Golf Properties?BUYING DOMAINS: Rethink...
01/19/2015 is our end of week wrap up show. We cover SEO, online marketing, social media and what is trending in the week for real estate marketing.We cover Google Trends for Jan. 5, 2015, Twitter Analytics, SEO Centro, and the Google Links Test --We're still going thru some gr...
Whew - what a week we had last week... with the snow, the accidents and our own technical difficulities. We are going to re-shoot the last three items for our weekly SEO training show today. So you will get a chance to see them. We are also going to be joined by Danco Sotirovsky from Workfly and ...

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