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  Christmas 2017 - Roger, Lola, and Allie This is about a Christmas Blessing for us, though starts off with our "Friendsgiving" over Thanksgiving, for others! Every year since we moved to Arizona we have been doing a "Friendsgiving" for Thanksgiving - I loved the idea of it! - as every year there...
This is an excellent Blog from Paul Antonelli - Thank You so much for Posting!    With the start of the Fall and Winter Holidays - Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year - many will be out-of-town, sometimes for just a weekend, and other times for a vacation week or two.  Some of his sug...
We Preview houses in our niche, and I have not yet seen all of the 40 Floorplans in our community of 2500 homes.  Some have had extensions, so the square footage is not the same as the 'original' floorplan from the builder, which could include enclosed front or back patios.    I always want to be...
There are many pieces that 'make up the whole' in all of us, and one that I would enjoy sharing is 'Volunteering-Over-The-Years'. When we lived in California, I worked full-time, and would go after work to the local Police Station and work on the 'Truancy Program' for a local school district.  I ...
            Have to share our Century Plant, which is an Agave, since this is the first year that we have lived here at our house, where it has had a baby plant growing from the middle of the agave.  It is over 30 feet tall, and looks like an asparagus spear.  It has grown up thin, and straight, ...
I know, everyone has a story, and memories of '9/11', and I'm no exception to that rule.  For me, this will always be an emotional and moving time, that I will ALWAYS remember.   I had just moved 3,000 miles away from family that I was very close to, to help my Mom, who was in her late 80's, and ...
Well . . . I have crossed over that "1 Year" mark of being a Realtor - so how exciting is that - and, I'm still here!!   I've learned alot, just by observing and having On-The-Job Training with Roger.  I've listened, asked numerous questions, wondered about people, and worried about homes.  I've ...
I am very happy to say that, "I love where I live in Oro Valley, Arizona", which is 6 miles north of Tucson.  Oro Valley was incorporated in 1974, so we are only 40+ years old, which I know is like a young'un in terms of other cities/towns in Southern Arizona - for example, Tombstone was founded ...

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