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This is a great post from Bob Crane. It explains how to value trees. As real estate professionals we owe to our clients to point them toward tree professional when they have questions about the value of a tree or timber. FAQ  How Much is My Tree Worth?? A question that every forester is asked oft...
Anyone remember the good old days of NCNB? Please take time to read this post and re-blog it. We need to spread the word on how B of A is behaving. Bank of America, You're Doing It Again and A Distressed Homeowner Is Getting Foreclosed Bank of America makes the rules but decides that it doesn't n...
This post form Kevin Mackessy describes what sounds like a miracle product. Has anyone tried it? I would love to hear from anyone who has used it.   At Blue Olive Properties we strive to provide the best quality rentals we can manage and we specialize in Denver property management. Occasionally, ...
I just went to a seminar on the purchase option part of Reverse Mortgages last week. This wonderful post from Sharo Falvey lays a lot of good info on this product, including two good web pages. This appears on the surface to be a great way for retirees moving to communities like ours to move up t...

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