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Searched the MLS for a house?  Then you've likely seen the phrase... "Short Sale Approved".  The implication is that the seller's mortgage holder has approved the sale of the home at the asking price.  While some listing agents may lead you to believe this, the truth is that short sale deals are ...
As a short sale investor, our company is often approached by agents and brokers who wish to work with us, claiming to be "certified experts" in short sales, foreclosures, or distressed properties.  The term "expert" means many different things to different people.  It has often been my experience...
What is it that makes investors so undesirable to work with?  Over the last week I've spoken with a number of friends who shared with me their struggles with working with agents who fail to understand what and how we do what we do.   Stories ranged from agents who were very collaborative to other...
As an investor in short sale properties, I work with agents and brokers every day and I get a lot of questions about my criteria is for a great investment property.  While it is important that the deal has potential profit, I find that there are four issues that truly drive the best investment de...
A rising tide of mortgage defaults is on the horizon and they are known as "strategic" defaults.  "Strategic default" is the technical term for Americans who choose to stop making mortgage payments for three months or more, while continuing to pay their consumer debt.  In other words, they can af...

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