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Want to hear about my Facebook Faux-Pas Extraordinaire?  Trust me, it'll make you feel better about yourself.  First, a confession: I am a Facebook neophyte.  I still don't quite understand what all of the links do, how they differ from one another, what messages go nuclear and what stays local, ...
Have you ever read Paul Slaybaugh?  You should.  He's insightful, hysterical and sarcastic at the same time.  This is one of his best, I think.  It's like he stepped into my head, analyzed both my misgivings and my inclinations toward social media in general and blogging in particular, and laid i...
This is Maggie, our Portuguese Water Dog.  They're not called water dogs for nothing.  If there's a two-inch mud puddle on our walks, she's in it. We're building a pool for her now...oh yeah, and for the boys too : )
I'm looking for caravan (a.k.a. broker open house) ideas for a new listing I have for a gorgeous home in Beaconsfield, Quebec.  The home is in the 900K plus range.  It's a special house.  Definitely not cookie cutter.  I'd like my broker open house to also be special...and well attended, of cours...
A dear sweet friend of mine recently said that she was trying, unsuccessfully, to find the good in everyone.  Life can be like that sometimes.  And it got me thinking... I used to work for the federal correctional system in Canada.  Most of my 18-year career there was spent at national headquarte...
I met with a wonderful client today to discuss selling her home and what my analysis showed its market value to be.  She lives here in Kirkland, Quebec.  She called me after getting one of my nifty postcards, saying it was unlike any other she had seen from a real estate agent (mission accomplish...
This past week, I had a meeting with a potential client about listing his property.  He is in no particular hurry to sell, but he knows that I have a buyer for his unique property.  A very serious buyer. We met to sign the exclusive brokerage contract.  We fill in all of the details, as previousl...
We're ready. What does an octopus know about soccer anyway?  He was wrong once; he can be wrong again. My dad would have been so excited.  Wish we were in London today with my crazy Dutch family...or in Newfoundland with the crazier ones : )  Hup Holland Hup!
When my dad was 12, he and his family came across the ocean from Holland to make a new life in Canada.  My grandfather had arranged for his family (wife and 5 children) to help work a farm. They would live on the farm and make their living there. When they arrived at the port in Montreal, there w...
I got a promotion but I swear I'm not bragging because it has everything to do with changes to real estate law in Quebec and nothing to do with anything I did to deserve the promotion.  But I got it just the same, as did all real estate agents in Quebec. What happened?  On May 1, 2010, the new Re...


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