Last week, a good friend of mine asked me to help one of his acquaintances with his business.  Seems like my friend’s friend has been complaining about how slow business is going for him at the moment and how difficult it has been to make a living wage for the last six months. Since my friend kno...
I couldn’t resist the temptation. After visiting Los Angeles Original Farmers Market in late December, I decided to stop by (again) last week. I mean, I try to avoid places like this.  Not because I do not like them. On the contrary, I like them way too much.   I twist and turn around like a litt...
One or two days in Los Angeles may not be enough to see what the second-largest city in the United States has to offer.  However, that one day can make you fall in love with the weather, eclecticness, and food of Los Angeles.If after one or several visits to LA (or, maybe you are tired of your ne...

Ruth Rieckehoff

Southern California Expert
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