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By popular demand, I have re-posted the entire series. I appreciate your comments, and I would also be honored, to be followed by you. OverviewThere is a large influx of  buyers into the market this year, and New Home Builders are gearing up to fill a need for housing in the Tampa Bay Market.Buyi...
 The Closing.Well we made it! Time to close the deal and own your Home.Let's review and get things ready for the closing. Your mortgage should be approved and the funds wired to the Title Company handling the closing. You should get an estimate of the required funds from the Title clerk and in mo...
Step 4. InspectionsWhen you buy a New Home, there are different types of inspections you should do.If you are buying an inventory home, you should have an independent home inspection, at your cost, performed by an inspector of your choice. Preferably someone with a background in home construction...
3. What do you get for your money?When you buy a new home, some things are included and some are not.Some builders include almost everything, including window treatments and appliances.Other give you very low end floor coverings, flat paint, Formica counter-tops........But wait, you can go to the...
 Step 2 Don't do it on your own.If you have a buyers agent to represent you, the agent can do a lot of your legwork before you even look at a model home. They can research the new home developments in your price range  and consider the distance to your work, schools, local entertainment and place...
Step 1 The Decision Now that you have your financing in place, it's time to make a decision. What type of new home do you want to pursue.There are three types of new construction, Custom, Semi Custom and Spec.Custom is when you buy a lot, find a builder and get your true dream home. This is a spe...
There is a large influx of  buyers into the market this year, and New Home Builders are gearing up to fill a need for housing in the Tampa Bay Market.Buying "New Construction" is a bit different from buying a previously-owned home, you will be the first one to live there, so rather than dealing w...
Homes in My Area See these Tampa Real Estate on Zillow color:#36b;font-size:7pt;fon Look for me on Zillow, in the 33624 and 33626 zip code area.s
Ah Florida the land of Sunshine and Oranges and, oh yeah, Condos! For years developers have been tearing down the old mom and pop motels and putting in Condos. An old Cigar Factory, Condos, an old Apartment complex, Condos right well sort of, Condo conversion. Florida has become the land of condo...
By now everyone has heard of Chinese drywall, but has anyone heard this one. I have a listing that is being purchased by an active military person who is overseas at this time, the agent for the buyer is doing the inspections while he is away, the Home Inspection company, runs the air conditioner...

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