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I made a video this morning that some may disagree with, however, the current state of affairs makes even less sense then my propostion, so I say, this might be a good solution. Take a look now and let me know what you think.Tamara
If you thought B of A was going to maintain the freeze of foreclosures, that isn't the case...here's the video I just made that tells you more:
When I was on the phone with my lender and real estate radio co-host, Sheri Schmitz today, she was telling me about the breaking news (I don't watch the news unless I'm on it :) about some disgruntled former employee of Game Stop at the Roseville Galleria who was mad at life and set the store on ...
Here's my latest and greatest newsletter, October 2010 Issue, that will not only give you all of the Local (plus the whole state) of Sacramento's most recent housing trends, awesome Sacramento home buying and Sacramento home selling articles, national news, videos, and more. Please enjoy the News...
  In this climate, it's essential you protect yourself. Only do business with those real estate professionals who you know of or have been referred to you.   Protecting Yourself From Mortgage Fraud According to the FBI, mortgage fraud is still on the rise. Even with lenders  tightening underwriti...
Sacramento County Foreclosures, Bank Owned Homes, Short Sales (per Foreclosure Radar) Along with the Sacramento County foreclosure trends, statistics, housing data and demographics, you can review every preforeclosure, foreclosure or bank owned property by selecting a city or ZIP code in Sacramen...