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Setting the right market price is key! Get your agent to show you the facts that I wrote about in my previous entry  and then make your educated decision together to set the asking price. Your agent is working for you in your best interest if she/he: sets the stage for the showing,offer and selli...
It is human nature to believe that our own house is the best in every way and worth the most money. However you call a real estate agent for a reason; to get good sound advice on pricing your home and getting it ready for the market. Try not to have sales price expectations for your property unti...
Welcome to my blog site and thanks for visiting! As an experienced real estate agent, I am used to “reading” the market and translating what I “read” to my clients. If you are selling a home now in this recessionary market, the steps you must take are very different from the “hot market” of a few...

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