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Well no not exclusively, obviously.  It was more of a group think process much like any other indigenous tribe planning to assault a village.  But make no mistake, Amortization was very definitely one of the more effective bombs dropped out of the big Trojan Horse we call Fannie/Freddie.  Because...
Does anybody else think this is the best idea that should have been done years ago?  What are the odds it becomes National? I say slather everything with them and get rid of the Nuke plants pronto. And shouldn't it add value to new construction, actually making them more marketable? Make it a Gre...
A friend is looking forward to shopping for houses this spring and asks a basic question.  What do you say?  How do you explain it?  You want this to be a positive experience .... so how do you briefly summarize? So, before the patients took over the asylum, banks would sometimes sell houses for ...
And it was stone simple.  Question is, does it work?  98% of traffic is coming from smartphones.  Can you tell I am slightly HTML challenged over here?Anybody else tried this?Is thing even on?Bueller?  Bueller?   Make it a Great Day. Scott
The maximum allowed by law.  Fact is, if I cannot bring you a deal that completely knocks your socks off, you do not owe me a dime. Because I am Jedi Master, THERE ARE NONE GREATER. Well, except this one guy in St. Louis and a friend of mine that works for a bank.  And maybe a few others BUT THAT...
There is a song titled Watchin' It Rain as a matter of fact.  Story of my life, basically.  The brief synposis: 
Our dear and treasured friends @Ocwen just recieved a pleasant little invite to court.  Turns out 20 States Attorneys General and a Banking Commissioner would like to chat. Ocwen Sued, Shut Down in Multiple States
Overlooking the Missouri River near Kansas City.  Stated 7000 sq ft finished and looks at least 10+.  Greek revival, gold plated to the max.You do not see them like this.  
How out-of-this-world has your worst deal gotten? How long did it take you to stop freaking out about it? What extreme lengths did you go to insuring that could never-possibly-happen-again??? Oh and for the record:  Whatever stories you can bring to the table on this one, mine are far, far superi...
Just wondering if it would be cheaper and faster to build.  If it LOOKS like a wall it will deter the Mexicans while the much, much more intelligent wildlife/animals and such can still travel as needed. Hahahhaaa. Maybe I should call Donno'. Make it a Great Day.

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