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This Blog will give you plenty of tips, tricks, quotes, realities and Sylvia`s motivational stories to help you attain Realty Success!!
The Realty Reality of the Month: December 2009 To Read This Month:    It's the time of year to party to prospect! Don't forget: The REALTY-SUCCESS   Response of the month!  It's the time of year to party to prospect!          With the many holiday events coming up this season it is the perfect t...
How To Manage Our Precious Time? "Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use."  - Earl Nightingale Some truths: •·               My time is m...
90 people catch the Human Swine flu fever and everyone wants to wear a mask. 5 million people have AIDS and nobody wants to wear a condom! lol!
A motivational video for Real Estate Agent and Broker! Enjoy! And please comments! PS: Hope you will understand my little French accent!
Every year at this time that litle plant grow under my balcony! Tulips season is here in Montréal and I always wonder how she managed to grow and become bigger in the middle of rocks and bloom like this with so little sun! She’s a survivor! As I look at her every morning, I though she think like...
Paul S. Henderson, Realtor ask me to post here these extras tip that I share with him on is very good post How Structured are your showings? So here my improved 4 favorite's showing guidelines!  When I was visiting properties listing with pre-qualified buyers, I developed a method of simple rules...
I sincerely believe that, as in any service driven business, our skills are based on a combination of knowledge, know-how and experience. I believe that the first two are learned and as such, one must refresh and build upon that knowledge base each year. If you wish you to distinguish yourself by...
After years of experience I have noticed that the passion needed to succeed in this wonderful field must inherently exist within oneself.  By passion I mean the desire to render a service, to sell oneself and to be regarded as an expert in real estate, and most importantly to love people and thei...

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This Blog will give you plenty of tips, tricks, quotes, realities and Sylvia`s motivational stories to help you attain Realty Success!! - A practical approach to the trade and the successful way to prospect and sell! - The necessary tools and tactics to list and close! - Key Questions: Where? When? How? Why not me? - How to improve your Realty-Reality using your goals, dreams and expectations. - How to believe in yourself and earn what you deserve! Sylvia Perreault's Profile
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