Hi all.  I am new to both active rain and to the profession of real estate.  I want to hear from all, what is your advice to get the ball rollin.  I am very very impatient and i want to get my 1st contract written!  Tell me what is your advice?????   Thank you in advance for all your wisdom, i to...
Hi all.  Well today during phone time i have been rejuventated!!!  Good things going on, and what is something to know is 2 leads were from people who are VERY disgruntled with their ex realtors.  Believe it or not they weren't communicating with them.  That shocked me, sense i will about do anyt...
Hi all, I am new to AR, and so far everyone has been super nice.  So thank you very very much for that.  I am new to the whole Real Estate game, but I am realizing something very very fast.  And its attitude!  If yours sucks guess what that is being read by potential clients.  If you act defeated...


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