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520-909-2988 I love my job! It’s truly a joy helping people like you with buying and selling real estate. I firmly believe in the golden rule, treating people the way I myself would like to be treated in return. Your needs are important to me as I work to help -- and support -- and listen -- to you.
I've been on the hunt recently for some large families, hoping to find their Tucson, Arizona dream home.It's important to work with a REALTOR in helping with your home search.  We can set you up on a portal, ask our networking resources for upcoming listings, and check coming soon listings.  Thes...
Who doesn't marvel at the sight of a tiny hummingbird, wings whizzing, taking a sip from a summer bloom or sugar feeder.Did you know Tucson AZ is rich in hummingbirds in terms of sheer numbers and diversity? Our abundant, year round supply of plants and natural landscape appeal to the hummingbird...
I read an interesting note from a head broker to her firm this morning, detailing the thought about taking life, or work, a slice at a time.  Looking at the real estate market as well, a slice at a time.This past week I haven't blogged or responded to other blog postings, and I'd started up with ...
So Easter is just around the corner and holidays always make me a bit nostalgic.  Watching children with the Easter egg hunts brings me back to the inventive hunts I used to do for my kids, and even going back to my own.One of the things that was a clear memory of my 10 year old self and beyond w...
Spring is trying hard to stay in Tucson now.  It seems a little colder this year, the weather flip flopping between the 80's and the 40's.  I'm carrying a coat in the car just in case.But with the return of the 80's, nature's beauty is popping up all over as well.  Yesterday I had the good fortun...
I'm looking at the last six months from today, April 5, 2022.At the time of writing this blog posting, 893 homes are for sale within Tucson, Oro Valley, Tucson, and Vail.You can imagine the competition for these homes.We are all familiar, I'm certain, with the phrase, Cash is King.  It certainly ...
April is Earth Month. (Re-useable shopping bags)Tucson Water shared tips to honor the Earth every day: Reduce paper waste by eliminating printing hard copies & using online bill pay Recycle old, unused, or broken computers, tablets, phones, and more at stores, manufacturers, and local governments...
Yes, those are Pelicans in Tucson.  A rare sight indeed.  The photographer captured these resting fowl taking a break from their journey at Arthur Pack Park, where many of today's photos were taken.  For the sake of trivia, a group of Pelicans are called a pod.  But if they are fishing as a group...
In Choosing Your Real Estate Agent Part 1, I briefly went into some items you might consider when selling your Tucson, Arizona residence. Hiring the right REALTOR can be crucial not only because you may sell your home faster and for more money, but because the right teamwork can help make the sel...
I received one of those spam emails last week and happened to skim:  a few things resonated.  It talked about the many choices our prospects and clients have when choosing a real estate professional to sell / list their home.It was selling a calling service. This one promised 9 phone calls in 2 w...

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Author Bio: I have been a Realtor since 2005, and love finding homes for new people moving to the area. There is nothing like matching folks up with their hopes and dreams. If you are looking for a new home in the Tucson area, Marana, Oro Valley and Vail area, or wanting to sell your home, I'd love to help.