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I have been thinking of getting a new website because I know how to drive traffic to it, but the website does not convert prospects like it is supposed to.  Instead, I have had to spend a lot of time to make sure it is working.  Please visit my website and tell me what you think and what I should...
When you are "door knocking", are you ringing the bell or knocking on the door to talk with someone at home or simply placing your marketing materials at the front door?Also, if you get someone at the door, what do you say to that person?  Do you have an action list of what you want accomplished ...
Let's say that I am hiring people to distributre flyers or promotional materials for me.  If I have a uniform and I have them wear it, what kind of impression would that give?
I've received mixed reviews.  I do not like it when solicitors leave their newsletters at my door or throw rocks in a bag and then toss them in my yard to promote their landscape business.  But on the flip side, the Realtors in my neighborhood are distributing their newsletters this way -- leavin...
I think there is a standard every Realtor® must follow -- disclose that you are a Realtor to a fellow Realtor®.Just recently, I met two Realtors® at a public event.  Their true names shall remain anonymous.  Realtor® 1, let's call him "Bill", was very friendly and flirtatious and openly told me t...

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