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This last weekend John and I went to Surf Side on one of our wind down silent parties. It was great not too many people for the Memorial Weekend yet. There were 4 police cruisers for every one car. That was a little over kill but you never know when the stuff is going to start to happen. Anyway, ...
On my way to a showing last week, I noticed the vehicle in front of me flick his cigarette out the window. Now I have an issue with littering, weather it is a paper cup, your lunch bag, or a cigarette butt.  My parents never let us toss anything out the window when we were little; and it is somet...
I check my diary before the weekend started and sure enough I had given myself Sunday and Monday off. So this last bit of the weekend I relaxed enjoyed my family and experienced good times. Next week is quite packed. With mail outs, contacting past clients, making cold calls. Listed is also a mas...
We had new neighbors move in this week. They are across the street and to the left one home. Last night when we came home it was dark; but by their little porch light I could see that they were sitting out enjoying the Tarzan Hot Balmy night air. (yeah just a little sarcastic) I hollared over to ...
An  old guy (not in the best of shape) was working out in the  gymwhen  he spotted a sweet young  thing..  He  asked the trainer thatwas near  by  "What  machine in here should I use to impress that  sweetthing  over there?"The  trainer looked him up and down and said "I would try the  ATM inthe ...
We went to Surf Side this afternoon to watch the waves come in while the sun set behind us. This is Memorial weekend and I thought there would be way more people out on the beach. Don't get me wrong there were more than normal. HOWEVER, for every one beach goer there were five police cars....ever...
Today I got my truck back from Dr. Frank. He is really not a doctor but that is what I call him because he fixes my truck when it is broken. He has such great customer service skills. When I called him to ask him if I could bring my truck in to have the AC fix he said yes. What he said next stunn...
One of my favorite musicians is Leon Redbone. I was looking for his correct spelling of his name so that I could get his music on Pandora Radio Station. So I Googled him and read his bio on Wikipedia. He is actually just a little older than me being born on August 26, 1949. He plays incredible Ja...
The SONIC DRIVE IN located on Gordon Street in Alvin will be closing it's doors May 31st to undergo a total renovation. The entire building will be demolished to the ground and a new modern SONIC DRIVE IN  will be constructed in it's place. The new plans show that there will be parking spaces for...
Many people who live in and around Alvin love to eat at JADE GARDEN located at 2625 South Loop 35. If you love this resturant you had better hurry up and go eat there because they will be closing down to go on vacation to Hong Kong. They will be close May 31 through July 10th. Now that is a long ...

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