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I wrote this post some time ago. Summer is upon us and now is the time to inspect your roof for replacement. Roof Replacement and What You Need to Know Recently my mother-in-law referred a friend from church to me who was concerned about several leaks in her roof throughout her home and wanted th...
Recently I have heard or been involved in many discussions concerning the iPhone. We are all wondering if the iPhone can get a virus. Do you know? While many say the iPhone is like a computer and they don't see the difference between a cell phone and a computer so maybe I could get a virus on it....
Yesterday while driving around I saw several listing agents For Sale signs that were worn out and faded. The looked awfully bad. This particular sign was on a street that the traffic counts are way into the thousands on a daily basis. All those people who drive by see your sign daily! WOW! That i...
When Easter came close to coming around on the calendar we would start making confettifor our Cascarones. We would spend hours looking for colored pieces of paper. Usually we used Wrigleys Spearmint Gum wrappers as you could get  light green and yellow colored paper. We would also go to the dime ...
Who was the person who made you feel Special I know all of you have worked with someone who made you feel like an important part of the team. Who was that someone who valued you, for being you. Who was that someone who everybody liked and if they didn't it was because they were extremely jealous ...
This last weekend I went to the Luling BBQ Cook Off mostly because I wanted to see the wild flowers along the highways on the way there. Unfortunately, the area to my destination did not receive very much water this year so the flowers were NOT IN ABUNDANCE. I managed to see one lone field that w...
I just completed writing a post about getting leads from Face Book. I was wondering if you guys ever post your AR Posts on Face Book. I just went out of town and many of the people there who know me commented that they had read my AR post on Face Book. Even thou these people live 200 miles from m...
Many people tell me they don't care for Face Book... I say never look away from an opportunity. I really don't care to be on the computer more than I have to. After all staring at this screen on an average of 10 to 15 hours a day can get to the best of us. Yet I log on to my Face Book account at ...

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