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All of you may know how much I love Buc-ees by now. Today was my first time there in a very long while. I love to see what all they have in the way of merchandise and guess what! They had Buc-ees my favorite color...GREEN!   YIPPEE!  The dark blue ones are not so bad either! I did not...
On the way to Surfside Beach I kept noticing big yellow flowers and I have not a clue what they are. On the way home I had John stop so I could get a closer look to see what they were. Here is what they looked like. Does anyone know the name? I think it is a succulent plant note the stem.  There ...
I have had a very stressful two weeks and my husband thought I should relax so he took me to Surfside to sit on the beach late this afternoon. This is something that we like to do to talk quietly about our lives, work and our future retirement. It was cloudy and there was a mist out over the ocea...
I don't know about any of you guys but recently we had the moon closest to Earth than it has been in a very long time and will not be this close for another 20 years. While I am a lunatic for anything lunar...I was not prepared for the onslaught of customers calling in wanting to buy property. I ...
At my day job I get to meet residential land developers and home builders. One thing I have heard often is the complaints when someone goes and tears up the sodded grass, sidewalks and or driveways.  I was thinking about Grass. No not the smoking kind, but the nice cool dark green kind that feels...
I have a client who has an older brick home. He wants to upgrade to a new home and sell his existing home. I have met with him and we have discussed "staging" his front yard so that it will be very appealing to the passersby. However, he is concerned that the brick is not as "sharp" as it once lo...
Spring  Spring has really sprung in my mother's front yard.  She has several Azalea bushes and other various flowing plants in her front yard. I was thinking that Sellers could use my mom's green thumb in staging their front yards. I have written a few posts concerning this very idea. This concep...
It's all In the Marketing. Dominique Waldrup was eliminated off of Americas Next Top Model last week. We were all sad but it was a good decision by the judges. Here is my favorite picture of her in something I did like. Don't get upset that she is modeling undies and T-Shirt...(FYI I have two mal...
"And Woman I Will Try To Express My Inner Feeling and Thankfulness," "Woman", By Paul McCartney is one of my most favorite feel good songs. I love to watch the CBS Evening News. Since I can't get home in time to see the CBS Evening News I have it recorded and watch it when I can.  Sunday while ca...
Part of my day job is to answer the phones. When I call some one or answer a phone I try to be 110%. Some may think it's menial job but it is not. It is the first impression of YOU AND YOUR COMPANY! Here are some things that get my goat!  If your voice mail says, "I will call you back (insert you...

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