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QR Code Hell, We Aint in Kansas Anymore Toto Yet another QR code controversy. As of late QR codes the manner in which Realtors attempt to use them has come under fire from some in the Social Media world. While I understand that some of uses I have seen concerning QR codes is, well, not well thoug...
The Importance of being a Studmuffin It all started back in Atlantic City, a mild mannered Realtor goes off to AC to be a part of RainCamp. Young, innocent, bright eyed and full of potential....and gets completely blindsided! Okay, so I am not all that young, innocent, or bright eyed, but I am fu...
Your Account Has Been SUSPENDED !!! If you use Twitter (and you definitely should be) you need to be aware should you receive this email, this has been going around and it is a scam/spam email.  There are some things you can do to safeguard yourself. First check out the email, (posted below) does...
I've Been Blogging for a Week... And Nothings Happened As is often the case after the "I have no time for that blogging stuff" excuse, and " nobody is gonna read what I have to say" comes,"I've been blogging like you said and nothings happened" Conventional wisdom will tell us that most things wo...
You Guys are In the Trenched, What Do YOU Think? Recently Scott Stratten was a guest on my favorite podcast "The Social Hour". Scott is a long time social media guy who has some pretty strong opinions about how social media should be used. Scott (@unmarketing) has something like 300,000 Twitter f...
  Dance Comes to The Adams County School of Musical Theatre The Adams County School of Musical Theatre in Gettysburg Pa will soon be offering classes in dance. Yes that's right, dance classes will be added to the curriculum of the school. The ACSMT offers the Gettysburg community such a wonderful...
                            Dominos is a Social Media Powerhouse Okay so I've been talking about how to intergrate a social media campaign for your business for some time now. The size of your business really doesn't matter all that much when deciding whether or not to embark on a social media ca...
Gettysburg Through the Eyes of Gettysburg Gerry I have been coming to Gettysburg for as long as I can remember, from when I was a young boy working on a dairy farm on through to today. I have built my Gettysburg world around the quaint historic town of Gettysburg Pa. One thing that I have never t...
Are site like Zillow and Trulia needed any longer? While putting together materials for a social media class for Realtors  I will be giving, I was going over some of  my notes on Internet presence, and I noticed that nowhere in my presentation did I mention anything about sites like  Trulia, or Z...

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