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Is Social Media the kerosene of our times? The other evening I was watching a show on the history channel about “The Men Who Built America” and it was interesting to learn the role that Kerosene played in the building of this country. I was unaware how much change took place from just one product...
Social Media is a tough, time consuming business. I know many people think thatsocial media managers and community builders spend their time playing angry birds and words with friends. The reality is however that the majority spend an immense amount of time in “front of the monitors” so to speak...
This morning I gave a presentation to a local community organization, the group consisted Skype-Call (Photo credit: Wikipedia) of people of all age groups, backgrounds and business orientations. The topic was what I always talk about anymore,Social Media. I went through my presentation and could ...
Yet again another social media “guru” feels the need to tell us all how “not” to engage in new guru (Photo credit: Bopuc) social media, their way is the correct way to engage and manage YOUR social media. Okay folks lets get this straight, anybody who calls themself a “guru” or “expert” in the so...
and if you have time, shot some more. This week has seen Pinterest under the microscope on a large-scale as well as a local scale here in South Central Pa. I was at a few different social media gatherings, both as an organized event, and a smalldiscussion group with local social media friends. On...
Posted on March 23, 2012  Image via CrunchBase This weeks episode of  The Social Studmuffin was by far one of the best shows I have ever done. My guest Margie Analise absolutely rocked it. “Big picture thinking & strategies for womenentrepreneurs who want it all.”  This woman is amazing and power...
Anybody that knows me, knows I am a twitter chat junkie, yeah I like a Facebook group,  maybe a LinkedIn discussion, or even a G+ hangout, but for my money, the Twitter chat is one of the most versatile, information tools at our disposal.  For those not familiar, a Twitter chat is a block of time...
All too often in Twitter chats, LinkedIn discussions, Facebook groups, etc the subject of social mediatools comes up. It is a broad subject which usually brings a myriad of Image via Wikipedia different answers. There are many different wonderful tools to assist and enhance one’s social media exp...
A few days ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Kellet, Co Founder of on The Social Studmuffin radio show. Image via Wikipedia For those that are unfamiliar, let me give you some background. is based on the concept that lists = life, think about it, most of us a...
I did this video back in Dec of 2010, what a difference some time makes. The pic of Irene Kennedy and Santa really got to me. Thought I would share and remind all of my AR friends and family that you all still mean the world to me.....Enjoy

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