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For Mass press 1, For Confession press 2, Prayer Request press 3... It is Easter Sunday and I have been waiting for this day. Yes, for the traditional reasons but also for the opportunity for this post. This post will definitely generate some emotion, whether you approve or disapprove to the poin...
                        Golf Anyone?Looking to build that retirement home and settle down for some easy country living, interrupted only by tee times. Then why not build right across from Flat Bush Golf Course in Littlestown Pa. This one acre lot is private, yet close to amenities, level, with pu...
New Weekly Radio Show Coming to Gettysburg Pa Welcome to the first and only weekly real estate radio show in the Gettysburg Adams County area. Join show host Gettysburg Gerry as he interviews guests that can help you sell or purchase that new or first home, as well as maintain and repair your hom...
How Many Romances Started on the Battlefield Your ever wonder how many romances started on a battlefield. Doesn't have to be a real battlefield, could be a re-enactor battlefield. Hey I am just saying, this is Gettysburg Pa and we see that kinda stuff all the time. Ghost tours aren't the only str...
The River Flows - Through My Yard Well yesterday we had some weather, as always when we get hit with rain in the amounts that we did yesterday, water is everywhere. I took this video with my Evo smart phone (which has become a trusted and contant companion) for me. I absoultely love that I can b...
Some SEO Tools You Should be Utilizing NOW !!! I am often asked about the tools that I use to promote and publicize my listings. Well I guess the honest answer is that I use a number of different outlets to accomplish this. There are some that stand out for me, and they are probably the easiest t...
Your Business is Up in the Air, or your Head is in the Clouds....Any of you that know me, know that I am an absolute nut about small jets. Often enough now I have to drive over to York Pa, from my little Gettysburg Pa,  and I pass the York airport. I have been lucky enough numerous times to catch...
How to Get Your Own Gettysburg Address Early  in 1864 President Abraham Lincoln was invited to speak at the newly created Soldiers National Cemetary in Gettyburg Pa. Honoring both Union and Confederate troops who had fought in the Battle of Gettysburg. Former Secretary of State Edward Everett ga...
This is a very disturbing story from my friend and colleague J. Phiip Faranda. This is important information that we all need to take very seriously. Be Careful Out there. God bless this young womans family....If you haven't heard, another real estate agent has been murdered. 27 year old Ashley O...
Lancaster City Pa is one of the most vibrant, and exciting places to live in Southern Pa. Filled with fine restaurants, lots of entertainment, and things to do, Lancaster City is a small city with big city excitement. A popular event in most cities large and small in Southern Pa is the local mar...

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