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The world has gone mad with mobile devices, and of course I am in the middle of the madness. Thank goodness. I recently needed to upgrade my mobile device, no one calls them phones anymore simply because using them as a phone is a rare occasion. Today's "cell phones" are actually mini computers t...
Well it’s the end of yet another year, another year of learning, doing, reaching some goals, missing the mark on some others, but all in all VERY productive. Like many, not just in the social space, this end of the year time frame means evaluating the past year, and planning for the year ahead. F...
Many of my colleagues over at write about and teach about Branding. Branding is one of the most important things one needs to understand  and pursue correctly when owning a small business. How you brand your business can be the difference in making it or breaking it. Your brand is t...
It appears the social space is making a U-turn in it’s course for adventure and exploration. It appears that the direction social engagement is heading is a new, yet back to it’s roots direction. As with everything there are those that are resisting the change, and those that are welcoming it, e...
Is There Such a Thing But of Course Of course there is such a thing, we all influence somebody in our own ways. However this article is more about a culture, how it perceives influence, and most importantly, can that influence be measured correctly, and what weight should be applied to it. The in...
Tips for Both… As with most things there are two sides to every coin, social media and the platforms that Image via CrunchBaseContent Alerts surround it are no different. In the social space there to two kinds of people when it comes to content, consumers and creators. Most often the usual arrang...
Thinking about hiring a Social Media manager? With all the buzz surrounding all things Social Media, it is no wonder there are so many social media  “experts” and “guru’s” invading the social media space. For someone like myself who works daily in the social space this is major concern. As I see ...
Maybe they finally got it right.   But They May have it Backwards   I have been seeing from all the media world that the post office will no longer be delivering mail on Saturdays coming this August. I have seen posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In,heard it on the radio, and now just a minute ag...
Social Media Fail: Not Being Social with your own Client Posted on January 10, 2013 by Gerry Michaels One of the biggest Social Media fails that I see regularly is a social media manager not being “social” with the very client he/she is working with. In almost all of my initialmeetings with persp...
Social Media, what does a TV show about Indiahave to do with social media? If you are like me, going into it I didn’t think anything, but was I ever wrong. This morning much like a lot of Sunday mornings in the fall, my wife and I start the day slowly with a cup of coffee, the Sunday paper etc. O...

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