When many folks find out I am an agent, the first question is, well how is it going, pretty rough huh ? Well the truth is, there are still plenty of folks looking to sell and believe it or not, still plenty looking to buy. I had a client that looked at over 20 homes, and finallt found the one tha...
Is it not great that at anytime, the media can dig up an old segment on any industry at any time when they have nothing else to report on that is news worthy. Well, Paris Hilton is in jail and started eating again, so what else is there ?Lets go out and report on the media that spends nights hidd...
Well, It finally happened. As agressive as I want to be in this market, I had to turn away a listing and possibly give it away to a competitor. They wanted to place their home 25 % above the going market of any comp in the area. I have worked way to hard for the ones that I currently have that ar...
In my first blog I commented on how it was tough in the begining. Well, that itself is tough enough . Tougher yet is getting sellers to understand that the house they are selling in todays market is not going to bring what their neighbors house brought last year.Everyone thinks what they have is ...
Any and all comments on the following blogĀ are my personal opinions and for purpose of information sharing ideas and best practices.As a relatively new agent in the market, just my luck to face a market that has come to what many feel as a dead market. I can see where many feel that way as I have...

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