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Marketing difficulty in your area? Get mobile, so that you continue to become a part of prospects' everyday life in the community
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It’s not only young, urban, early adopters that appear to live their lives through their mobile devices. Just like any other aspect of the knowledge-based lifestyle, the way to access mobile, and make your personal communications device easier to use, grows exponentially year over year. Moore’s Law, indeed! Even as a small business, you should ensure that your online marketing includes mobile ads, notifications, and analytics: Very soon, if not already, even if a prospect is standing outside your business, and they can see you through the window, they won’t recognise you until they see you on their mobile device. It is getting to the point (Amazingly quickly), that a mobile website and accompanying social media campaign is the only truly important advertising channel foe any business. Liken it to to an ad in a very specific magazine or newspaper that everyone in your market carry around with them. Perhaps these are tourists new to the area, or those that are downtown on this specific Saturday to see the Arts festival that is happening around your business, or even the specialist pet-owner’s periodical that include cut-price tickets to their big event this weekend By ensuring that you are doing your bit in mobile, you are advertising to all of these groups, simply by the geographic area you are in. Start with Google+ Local. Your business should be here, optimised to ensure your geographic location stands out, and linked to your You Tube and G-Mail accounts. As Google’s ongoing efforts to dwarf every other provider of services on the planet continues, they give more ‘juice’ to their own products being linked. Google+ is simply their attack on FaceBook, but when linked to your business, and – perhaps- You Tube, where you can graphically show your business, your business website, and it’s Google+ Local account, Google will love you even more. Those links don’t just add, they multiply in Google’s algorithmic-eyes. One central Business account in this area is now the hub of your mobile advertising campaign, and links directly to the page of your website that gives prospects the information that will draw them in. of course, you should continue with your facebook, twitter, Foursquare and Yelp accounts as well, to ensure that your ongoing messages are being received by as many people as possible. Any person standing around your store is a member of Local search, whether they are visiting or residents. That makes almost half of all the world’s businesses local ones, so the size of the market is about to explode. Be one of the first to leverage this power. Every visit to your advertising channels (Likes, Plus 1’s, re-tweets, etc.) and your website should be recorded, too. Every visit means: “I am interested in what you do. Send me more information.”, and it happens automatically. It is an invisible Visitors Book, that people sign voluntarily, grows over time, and allows you to advertise directly to prospects that already like you, and could well evangelize on your behalf to others. So, how do we achieve this? Firstly, get a pro in (if you haven’t already. And you should: This is your businesses’ advertising after all.). Ensure that your website and social media paths are ‘mobile friendly’. This is simply a coding exercise, with the resizing of various views required to make sure they are not only easily seen, and that your emotions come over to the prospect. Ensure that the sites and pages are more easily navigable by a left-hand thumb only! Intellectually, the easier it is to see something in the prospect’s current view, the easier it is to decide to visit, or buy. The companies that fit the needs of their mobile prospects have reported huge growth in sales in these areas, sometimes over a 50% rise, so this is vital. The strategy you use to ensure the overall marketing campaign works to its utmost is just as important. Using the keywords you already have should work, especially if they are repeated on your site’s landing page. Ensure that local references are there, of course: “Conveniently located in…” as a second line to follow up your [City] then [Service] keyword combination means that people walking close to you, with their smartphone on, realise you are within steps of them, you have a great cyber-store window full of what they are interested in, are open, and welcoming them. This is very powerful –something that advertisers could only rely on billboards for up to now: Imagine a huge floating blimp over your neighborhood that is shaped like a downturned fist with a finger saying: Your Edmonton Realtor is here…” That is what mobile is, except it is in your prospect’s hand. Finally, once you have them in the store, what can they use their phone for? You can ensure that QR technology allows you to give them a special that they can purchase with their device. You are seeing this technology all over, now. Using the phone as a coupon holder only for them, you can simply ask them to buy through it, and make that decision, easier for them to do. This is not a fad, nor simply another advertising gimmick – this is big and growing, and now you can use world-wide, trusted search capabilities to make any business a local one.