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  Why am I in Foreclosure in Brockton, Massachusetts?     In the mid 2000’s it was so easy to get a mortgage on your property.  The house had value and the banks would on occasion even lend more than you were actually paying for the property.  Of course when your loans are not backed by any type ...
  Help me I’m in Foreclosure in Brockton, Massachusetts?   I’m sure it is really difficult to deal with the fact that you don’t know if you will be able to say in your house.  You may be trying to figure out how to pay your bills and get through to the other side of this financial nightmare.  We ...
  Help Me with My Foreclosure in Taunton MA   What do I do if I am in foreclosure and need help?  This is a great question to ask, because it means that you want to take action.  If you are in denial and take no action, you will lose your house.    The most important thing to do is to open up lin...
Foreclosures in Taunton MA   Right now, there are over 200 properties that are owned by the bank in Taunton, MA.  Many more properties are in default, meaning homeowners are behind on their payments.    The process of a foreclosure is simple.  When you agree to take a loan from the bank (called ...
  Earn Money with Taunton properties   How can I make money with my property?  If you own your property outright, or have a small note, it will be easy for you to earn money with your property in Taunton.    Consider what it takes to make a weekly paycheck.  You have to get up, shower, get dresse...
Over the past several months I have been watching closely the notices of default in Plymouth county and Bristol county in Massachusetts.  Every week between 20 and 50 notices of default are issued in these two counties alone.  That means there are roughly 120 homeowners in these two counties who ...
In this tough economic time, it seems more and more people are having trouble paying their bills.  With the unemployment rate hovering somewhere around 10 percent there are many people who are struggling.  If you are one of them you understand how hard it is.  You may have always been able to fin...
 What do I do with property that I am not using?   Is that a question you have ever asked yourself?  You may have inherited a property that is of no use to you or you may have a vacation home that you just can't seem to find the time to enjoy.  Maybe you know someone who owns a property that they...


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