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Title information and general industry related articles on the closing process, industry opinions and the like.
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Yea right and to top it all off who really cares?  I'm telling you the truth and if you're not careful you'll wake up like a lazy boy napping and wonder what the heck happened and where did all my income go.  It's only, or maybe I should say say already, February and 2009 is moving at a steady cl...
LISTEN TO THE CONFERENCE CALL ON TEXT MY MLS HERE The other month James and Joey Bridges of Online Real Estate Success, Tyson Underwood of South Bay Educational Institute and I discussed the pros and cons of a revolutionary product we've all been using called Text My MLS.  James and Joey threw i...
Times have undeniably shifted within the industry and we're seeing a lot of panic and industry professionals pulling the rip cord and leaving the real estate business.  Fortunately our clients that started preparing for this market last year with their blogs, ...
In this morning's Round Table discussion James, Joey and I went over the different types of successful blog food and the stuff that will kill your blog with first impressions. Topics Discussed: 1. What to avoid when writing your articles2. What to concentrate on when writing your articles3. The T...
Marc Davison said it best in Inman News yesterday, "It's time for some clean up work." While a whole new generation of Real Estate professionals are hitting the streets the old guard is still up to their old, tired business practices. It's true throughout the entire industry...yes even the title ...
Below are some simple to use techniques for those of us that are a touch older the the X and Y generations.  Simple and to the point. With a little effort and some patience you'll be leading the pack by coupling your expertise with technology.  Now dig into your virtual Rolodex and send an email ...
As you might or might not know I'm always looking for new ways to help our clients grow their business and every once in a while I run across a product that will not only help realtors grow their business, but one that can help us as affiliates grow our business....which brings me to the reason I...
It's already the middle of November and we're approaching the slower season within the Real Estate Industry...oh wait...we hit that three months ago! Maybe you've completely checked out for the rest of the year or maybe you've completely checked out of the industry and took a job tending bar at t...

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Title information and general industry related articles on the closing process, industry opinions and the like.