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I've tried to keep a journal over the years....but 3 entries per year (my hand gets sore.......and writing with a "pen" takes so much time! Blogging is the answer. Therapy with an "edge!"
Can you believe it's October all ready?  This used to be the time that I would wake up to crisp cold Alberta mornings. The smell of damp fallen leaves in the air. Many of you can relate to this, but here in Arizona, we are happy to be approaching the time of year that we can finally leave the air...
Ha...... stumbled across this today and thought it was worth posting. Perhaps it's been posted before, and if so, it's worth a second look .... enjoy
...well, the results are in!   and it turns out that I got so "over-zealous" with trying to get rid of the "soap scum" on what I "thought" was our glass shower enclosure  which actually turned out to be  "glazed glass look-a-like acrylic doors".....  and now we need to purchase a new shower enclo...
So I was going to post a helpful little blog with some pointers that everyone can give their Seller's.  Or at least that's how it started out.   For Example:Squeaky doors: try using petroleum jelly on the hinges for squeaky doors....   it doesn't drip.If your house is listed and yo...
This is completely unrelated to Real Estate....but it does apply to men and women, which - we all are!I's true (in most cases)....  Women use more words than men!It drives my husband crazy that women use so many words. Most women (at least the ones that I socialize with) and some m...
Well, great news!  I met with my "LINKS" networking group here in Tucson, AZ yesterday and got some news that we Stagers all love to get for our "stories to tell" category. Jeff and Cindy Monger of Long Realty belong to my group and these are two Realtors that I just LOVE so much because they use...
The first question a potential client will ask is.......   predictably, "How much will it cost?"  I'm sure that we all agree, this is a question that service providers hate to answer because the answer is dependent on so many different variables. What I wish that clients (and Realtors) would unde...
 Stage Tucson! is officially one year old!!  It's been an amazing year and most rewarding. When I rewind the clock back one year ago........and then reset it to "today" time, I am most impressed with the progress that Home Staging has made in the Tucson Real Estate market. I think most of us can ...
I'm so glad that Realtors are becoming more familiar with Staging.  More and more frequently, Tucson Realtors mention to me that, although they may not feel comfortable moving furniture around and helping sellers "neutralize" their decor.......they certainly are getting more comfortable educating...
I'm delighted to be a new member to Active Rain.  Please let me know if I can answer any questions that you may have about Staging....We are happy to serve clients in the Tucson area, including Sahuarita, Oro Valley, and Vail.  Please check out our website at   

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