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Want to sell your Los Angeles home fast and for a great price? Stage it with Stage to Sell! Home Staging can help you sell your property faster and for more money. Stage to Sell's team of professional Stagers serves the L.A. area.
I recently Staged a townhome that had been completely updated in a contemporary style with one exception...a built-in china hutch in the dining room. Whereas the rest of the house had Shoji screen doors and modern touches, the dining room stood out because the built-in hutch was painted a rustic ...
Here's a really good one! Mike Schwartz of Coldwell Banker originally saw my work when one of his clients bought another home I had Staged. He immediately called me about a listing in Santa Monica where the family was about to move out and the home would be be vacant. We Staged the property about...
Ok, so you took on that listing that wasn't looking so hot and you agreed to the seller's desired list price, despite the fact that you knew it would probably not sell for that - at least without major updates.Here you are 60 days into the listing. No one is coming to see the property and you're ...
You know your client's home needs to be Staged in order to compete in this market, but they are worried about the price tag? Try this quote from Barb Schwarz, creator of Home Staging... "The investment in Staging a home ALWAYS costs less than a price reduction!" If you're looking at a minimum pri...
You know that Staging your new listing will help it sell quickly and for top dollar, but now you have to tell your client that she needs to fork over some money in order to get the home ready to sell. Here is a script that can help. Try this the next time you need to "sell" your seller on Staging...
It's true that the Los Angeles market has slowed down, but with a combination of smart pricing and Staging, your listings will sell.Here's just one of our many recent success stories...Dana Ehrlich, a fabulous Keller Williams agent I work with, had just taken over a very stale listing from anothe...
It may sound odd, but potential buyers view the rooms in a home from the doorway. Walk through every home you list and stand in the doorway of each room to view it as a potential buyer will.Where is your eye drawn and how do you feel when you look into each room? Does the furniture arrangement ma...
This past Saturday, Sept. 15th, was World Wide Staging Day for the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). Our local West Los Angeles Chapter's project was the Day Center at the Downtown Womens' Center ( The Downtown Women’s Center provides 40,000 m...

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