Have any of you been through the list of all the groups on this site? It took me about an hour to read through the whole list of groups. I am glad I went thru the whole thing because there were some groups that I was interrested in joining like guerilla marketing. I did not know there was this gr...
        I have been and still am learning about having my own home staging and interior redesign business. By nature I am very reserved and shy. But running my own business has pushed me to the brink of doing things like I never would have believed.     For example, I sometimes have to initiate a...
Want  a good laugh? I just found a website that offered a do it yourself staging kit for $6.99. Sounds to good to be true(just being sarcastic). I ordered it just to check it out and to see who is doing this. It is a staging company from another country who actually do offer staging but they also...
I wrote a blog entry this morning on consultations and realtors. One stager mentioned to me that  when the owners of the home can't be there to do a consultation(like if they have moved out of state) then the consultation with the realtor becomes a bid. How is it a bid if you are the only one tha...
I have a question for all you. What do you do when the owners moved out of the home and the house is being shown by the realtor. How do you let them now that there is a consultation fee on top of the staging fee. I have lost of out the consultation fee because I could not meet with the owners. Do...
I realize now what it takes to run your own business. I never thought that marketing was that important. Boy, was I wrong! From everything that I am learning and reading about, getting your name out there and marketing your business takes up a lot of time. I would be so easy if we had publicity a...
Does anyone know how the point system for the blogs work? I have one blog that has 263 points while another one of my blogs has 230. How does this work? Do we get additional points everytime someone replies to our blog. I know my point totals are higher today than yesterday. Not that I am complai...
Did anyone read the blog today by Candis Hidalgo on the home page? It is called, "how not to post a blog."At the bottom of the blog is a link to go to Brad Andersohn's blog page. This blog is incredible! I blog I read was "Blogger starting kit". It takes quite awhile to read all the links in ther...
Does it seem to anyone else that some realtors don't deliver. What I mean is, I have had at least 3 realtors tell me that they were interested in having me stage some homes. One of them said how desparately I was needed at this house and I followed up with her, but all I am getting is the run aro...
What should I be doing or not doing in order to boost my business? Do I need to back to the realtors offices and drop off flyers which is what I did when I started my business 7 months ago or is there a better way to reach them? What do you guys do to keep promoting? I have gotten nowhere with pu...

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