Hey, this is for all the stagers and redesigners in the Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan area. I am the chapter president of the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners. All stagers and designers are welcome to join the chapter no matter where you received your training. There are ...
A few days ago I submitted a blog on the types of skills a home stager should have. Between that time and today I have thought of a few more skills. Feel free to add your own to it.-Patience.     Sometimes stagers need to have the patience of Job when either dealing with clients, looking for clie...
My mentor, Debra Gould, sent those of us on her mailing list an email enttilted, "5 skills a home stager must have." I will list her five and then I would like to add a few of my own. Here is Debra's 5:1. A natural talent for working with color and decorating.2. An interest in real estate.3. Orga...
This was a question that someone asked me when I told them I staged houses and did interior redesign. They were referring to redesign. He couldn't believe that people would actually pay to have someone rearrange their rooms. He then said the people were stupid. I was wondering if maybe offering t...
I have been thinking about joining our national board of realtors as an afflilate. I am just wondering if the cost justifies the means. It is a $150 one time fee plus to join in May the fee is $97 so the total is $247. This is good until the end of the year, then the annual fees would be $145. I ...
I found these pictures of actual houses on the website               These are actually houses. Most of them are from the Ukraine, China, Netherlands.   
Where are all these cool looking widgets coming from that are on some people's blogs. For instance, some have pictures of people who visited their website. I tried installing these on my blog, but got nowhere. Is there someone out there who can go step by step and tell us computer illiterate folk...
The ten most common decorating mistakes, in random order are:Not focusing on how your family lives in your house.Artwork that is hung way too high.Too many accessories.Wrong kinds of lighting.No defined conversation areas.Lack of a focal point.A room that is off balance.Lack of cohesionFurniture ...
My homes staging and interior redesign company, StageStruck has donated 5 certificates to the WNIT auction on this Thursday-Sunday. These certificates are worth about $100 a piece and are good for a consultation for either staging or redesign. Basically, these are good for a FREE consultation. As...
This is a picture of the business cards I made out of paint chips. I stuck a plain business card onto the back of the paint chip and used pinking shears all along the outside. The paint chip is on one side and if you flip it over, my business info is listed.   Out town hosts an online auction on ...

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