This was and article in our local newspaper today. This sounds like a great idea and one that could catch on all over. I thought about us stagers doing this, it may work for consultations, but not on the staging day itself. Does any other city besides Portland do this?     AP Photo/JOHN KLICKER K...
I just had a thought. You know the NAR has its own magazine for the real estate agents? Well, how about a magazine for home stagers? My reasoning is this. There are a lot of staging groups on active rain. All the groups have great ideas. If I read from them everyday I would never get any work don...
This week I was feeling sorry for myself because business has been at a stand still staging wise. I am the decorating editor for our local moms website. I was checking to see if I had any messages on my account there when I came across a topic that jumped out at me. The subject line said,"Help me...
Make a Smilebox greeting Thanks to Connie T. for the great website. Thanks to everyone who emailed and sent me great advice. If you guys don't know about you should go there. I had a lot of fun making postcards and you can send these as emails, or print them, or send the...
     I was listening to a radio program this morning on the topic of moving and how it affects men and women differently. The guest was saying that people move on the average 11 times during their lifetime. I have moved half of that and most of it was moving to and from college. The guest speaker...
There was an article in our local paper today about a realtor who got attacked as she was showing a house. It was a one time incident and nothing like this has happened in our city before. Luckily she was able to get away and call for help. Is this a new way for criminals to rob and attack people...
Every Saturday our local newspaper has one sectiond devoted to homes and gardens. Today there was an article on This is an independent real estate search engine. You can sign up for an account to put your own listings on it or you can look at the top 25 US metropolitan areas. This ...
I thought you guys might like this article I got today in an email. Some seller's are getting really creative or (desparate) it sounds like By | Published: 7/08/2008 Say goodbye to the days when baking a batch of cookies and putting out fresh flowers before an open house would be en...
    I thought you guys might like this article I got in an email today. Seller's and agents are resorting to some really weird tatics to sell a house. Enjoy! By Douglas Trattner, | Published: 1/14/2008 Save Share Print Roberta Murphy's realty office was having an impossible time se...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Home Staging News Behind the Stage July 15, 2008 Vol 1 Issue 1 Dear Friends,  It is now mid July and many people are enjoying sailing on the water. Summer home sales are in full swing. Are your clients "sa...

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