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This blog is about Cindy Lin's adventure in home staging industry and developing a green real estate promotional product. Cindy stages home with her Staged4more team in San Francisco bay area (mainly but not limited to San Mateo and San Francisco counties). She also launched EcoJoe, the green St Joseph Statue home selling kit last year. This blog reflects the journey of both of her companies.
YAY! Summer is officially here! St. Joe will be busy this summer helping folks sell their homes, but as summer starts this week, we want to share some tips to stay green this season! Bamboo Dinner Plates ~ Say goodbye to paper-plates for those summer BBQ's, these disposable bamboo plates are disp...
Warm weather inspires warm tones - and there isn't a better or brighter one than orange.  If I could pull orange lipstick off, Nars Outsider would be my choice.  Unfortunately, it doesn't complement my skin tone and I might resemble an Oompa Loompa. Until there's a hue that make me look as bright...
We at EcoJoe's are always fascinated to find references to St. Joseph all around the world.  This is an interesting one, integrating traditional Catholicism with New Age holistic treatment. The Society of Jesus, Mary & Joseph is one of the International Congregations in the Roman Catholic Church,...
  I sometimes cringe when I see white furniture. Not because it isn't stylish or trendy, but because the absence of color makes me think of all the things that might find their way onto their surface, marring it's perfect complexion. But it may be that same quality that makes white perfect for s...
Wondering where the practice of burying a St. Joe to sell your home originated? One legend says that European nuns in the Middle Ages buried a St. Joseph medal when asking the saint to intercede on their quest for a convent.  Others claim that it started when German carpenters buried small statue...
Are you afraid of your garage or basement? Every time you walk near it, you *sigh* or *cringe* because of the clutter and things that you no longer use are eating up all the space. Now your storage is limited. This is why when I am out with clients at consultations, I always say: If it is Staging...
  Yes, the magical people at SayNoMore! Promotions have signed on to be our exclusive partners in making EcoJoe a SUPER PURPLE COW in your real estate marketing. As you know, EcoJoe is gift ready and everyone/earth/pet friendly, but getting your logo on there is even better!     The available are...
In today’s competitive market, it’s important as a home seller to find cost effective ways to add value to your home and make it stand out to home shoppers.  Many sellers will take time to research their real estate agents with great detail.  When building your team of home selling professionals,...
So I don't know if you caught this past Sunday's episode, but the two teams of celeb apprentices had to makeover and furnish these vacant condos in a short span of time to show as model homes. (Hmm, sounds awfully familiar...) It was interesting to watch for sure to see the transformations and th...
Hey Active Rainers We are doing a SUPER special deal for EcoJoe for Halloween! **Who is EcoJoe? In real estate, there is a popular custom of burying St. Joseph statues and pray to him for having good luck in selling the homes quickly. However, most products on the market are made from plastic, wh...

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