This is a demonstration on how fast a dryer lint fire can spread and put your family and your home at risk. A house in my neighborhood is still cleaning up after a $60,000 fire over a month ago.      Same day delivery of inspection report with full color...
All home inspections are not the same, or are they? I have seen an increase in the number of real estate agents that tell me they are "looking out" for their client by referring an inspector that is the cheapest. The agent doesn't come right out and say to the buyer "You have to use this inspecto...
Just two nights ago, there was a huge commotion in the neighborhood. My wife and I thought we smelled smoke as we were watching an exciting episode of Modern Family. Looked out in the garage and saw through the side window flashing lights all over, and smoke pouring out of the house across the st...
There has been a sharp increase in the media over mold concerns in homes. Many home buyers want a mold sampling done before they move into their new home. It can be completed at the same time as a standard home inspection. Typically there will be a visual inspection and also mold odors will be no...

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