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Ok, so I've strayed with some of my posts for a little bit, and wanted to come back home and take a look at the local condo market in Brookline, MA.* numbers in parenthesis are same stats 1 year ago (10-02-05)# of Condos For Sale-  295 (256)# of Condos Under Agreement - 58# of Condos Sold in last...
It's broken ...If you don't know her, you are clearly new to reading blogs here.  But it looks like Maureen Francis got an ouchy this weekend.  So send some love when you have the time today.  Hope you get well soon Maureen.
So, I just wrote this for an agent new to blogging and AR. I figured I might as well get some blog points for it as well, and maybe there's some other newbies that could make use of it too. Obviously, I like to think of myself first.3 easy steps to great posts: Step #2 - for your spelling and gra...
Will it really make you smarter?  Unfortunately, no.  But it will help you fake it a lot better by giving you easier access to information on the fly. As SmarterAgent , (who also has had a blog  since 2003)  releases its New GPS Real Estate Search. Currently available with Sprint  and Nextell, Sm...
Well there you have it.  I'm not a REALTOR, I have never been a REALTOR, I am a fully licensed and insured Real Estate Broker.  When I was in the process of opening my office, REALTOR was all over the news for getting sued by Antitrust lawyers.  I have to say, it certaintly didn't make it look pr...
 Yup... I had to surrender.   As I hang my head in shame, my sincerest congratulations go out to the true warriors who both made it to 101 in under 24 hours.Greg you're a machine. 'Nuff said. #101 Taking the espresso bus.Ardell you're a woman after my own heart, who's personality shines through i...
 END OF ROUND 411:48 My Time - Ok so I was getting a little stir crazy there, long story short, I had to delete some stuff that I posted.  Thanks to Sellsius for the Rocky clip that put me back on the right track.11:21 M.T. - Ardell #70 Who represents whom                            #69 Real Esta...
END OF ROUND 3 - Greg 66  Ardell 35 and I'm going on lunch break.  To be continued... 12:00 p.m. - Greg #66 The poor and home ownership, spoken like a true logical economist.  11:45 a.m. - Ardell #35 Most expensive house ever.  Well, how much was it?11:36 a.m. - Ardell #34 A hill, a moat, and a f...
END OF ROUND 2: Greg 45   Ardell 20 7:58 a.m. - Greg #45 Avoiding self promotion will help in the long run.7:54 a.m. - Ardell #20 Pricing your home $59 anything is a big no no.7:49 a.m. - Greg #44 Losing brain func...what?? 7:43 a.m. - Greg #43 If you want an easy, profitable sale, stay out of yo...
END OF ROUND 1 - 4 hours into it and Greg has sustained his 2-1 lead on Ardell. Current count Greg 20 Ardell 94:00 a.m. - #20 Greg Blog hosting and where to do it. Does it matter? YES!!! I don't know why any real estate blogger would do their blog under a different domain. Mine is attached to my ...

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Your source for literary Real Estate tripe. It's not for everyone, but some people like it.