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In the case of a family emergency, have you ever wondered if your kids or family members would be able to locate your personal documents? What about passwords, your pet's vet records... all the things that are most important to you.  I came across the most genius binder the other day, and I'm jus...
If you've ever tried to monetize a blog, there are some serious learning curves! Utilizing only the best blogging tools will save you hours of time and tons of money.  I can attest to this in a big way. After three years of blogging, going around in circles with courses, learning to market with P...
Are ready-made websites and blogs really a thing? Blogging is (and has been) all the rage for several years now.  I first heard of it when someone introduced me to The Pioneer Woman blog. Ree is just about the cutest and most personable blogger I've ever come across. And boy does she ever make th...
Finding a good side income is easier than ever these days. A far cry from when I searched in vain for some way to help make ends meet when my kids were little! I remember agonizing about ways I could bring in a little extra money for groceries since we'd made the choice to have me stay home with ...
“What you think about, you bring about.” - Bob Proctor  It’s true that energy flows to the things you think about but thinking about things isn’t going to make them happen. Having a wealth mindset isn’t going to make money bags drop from the sky into your lap. Having a great attitude about wealth...

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