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I don't necessarily agree with our presidents medical policy affectionately named "Obama care", but in a sense it is a step towards helping all Americans gain access to health care.  Even without a health plan, if you go to a hospital emergency room you wil get a "level" of treatment. I understan...
Received a letter, actually a quasi bill sort of, in the mail today explaining that one of my domains was expiring soon and I needed to renew it now.  I know that I have 4 expiring in November as GoDaddy (my registrar) sends me frequent emails reminding me so.  But, this notice was from something...
The title of a recent St. Petersburg Times article was "At The Bottom", noting the fact that the Tampa Bay regions economic recovery ranked 98th out of the top 100 major metro areas since the recession (is it really over) hit its low point in 2010.  Fortunately for us, Sacramento CA and the Cape ...
That is the headline in today's St. Petersburg Times, suggesting that Governor Scott and several state leaders are at least considering a proposal to change the way Florida handles foreclosure cases.  At the present time all foreclosure cases must be presented in and approved through the county c...
Everyone has either had or will have a day like today.  No matter what was planned, not one thing was completed on the goal sheet. Mine started late last night, just after I hit "Post Blog Entry" on my Monday post.  My 78 year old mother called with a stomach ache.  I traveled the five miles to h...
That's the approximate number of homes that a recent MSN Money article states are owned by the US Government  through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Authority (FHA).  So, yes, US Taxpayers, we collectively own these homes.  The trick is, how do we sell them without further tankin...
Throughout the year, I find myself in airports quite frequently, about once a month.  Mostly for quick getaways of two to three days, occasionally for business and then a few week long (or longer) vacations.  As we all know, security; while sorta, kind of a necessary evil has become an extreme ha...
Flash back to 1973, senior year of high school and a book I was required to read, "A Hero ain't nothin but a Sandwich", about a young boy living in the inner city.  Why I thought of this book specifically and at this time I am not sure, because if yesterday you had asked me about it I probably wo...
That was the headline in the "local" section of yesterdays St. Pete Times Newspaper, and then today the following headline appeared in MSN News from Realty Trac "Foreclosure Activity Increases 7%...". Is this Armageddon; the beginning of the end or just the inevitable result of the current market...
This is from an "Internet only" friend!  We've never met and he wouldn't know me if I walked up to him at this very moment, but this post says it all! Im not a 'preachy' kind of person.  I don't claim to be an expert because I have a fancy title or years of schooling or experience (although both ...

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