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Zillow buys Trulia and along with it Market Leader and Activerain. Nice, four links in one sentence, but i digress. But, I did predict it: sort of, kinda, long ago and very tongue in cheek and perhaps with a glass of Sangria near my keyboard:
KWFR started today with many early arrivals and although I only live 80 miles away I won't be driving over to Orlando until tomorrow.  However, Chad Hyams has put together a very thorough guide to making Keller Williams Family Reunion a memorable experience! Are you one of the lucky 10,000+ that ...
55 tax breaks set to expire!  That's was the basic headline that ran on Dec 30th and 31st announcing that our congress had failed to renew tax breaks for various groups, industries and interest groups.  Oh, bad, bad congress how could you!  Not so fast !  This appears to be an annual event for co...
Buying Naked!  Nope, I don't mean going into the home buying process unprepared, I mean actually doing the home search in person while actually NAKED, in your birthday suit! I know, I know in most of the country and for nearly all of you this would be ridiculous, but here in the Tampa Bay area th...
Master bedroom - is it Racist or Sexist?  Apparently so. according to  Aimee Picchi writing in MSN Money recently.  Her article. The 'Master bedroom' falls out of style , states that "The master bedroom is on the way out, thanks to politically correct builders who want to avoid sexual politics wi...
Zillow buys Market Leader is part of the title of a spoof blog post I wrote earlier today titled Zillow Buys Market Leader and Activerain.  You can read the entire blog post below, there is a nifty little video showcasing some of the skills of the AR staff:                              Zillow buy...
As reported by no one, today Real Estate giant Zillow purchased Market Leader, one of the largest providers of software and marketing services to the real estate industry and it's subsidiary, the social networking site Activerain for a reported $1.92 and all the false leads we can handle. In a su...
Looks like Brian needs some love from his Activerain family or perhaps he is overloaded on sugar from his Easter candy (if he received any, maybe he wasn't a "good boy"). I started on this journey here on Active Rain back on December 30th of this year. I gave it a valiant attempt, but have decide...
Do I need to get prequalified?  A question that is often asked by potential buyers in every market. Unfortunately, there are many agents that will show homes to literally anyone in hopes of landing a sale.  I prefer to hedge my bet and increase the odds in my favor. My answer to the question, "Do...
Zombie foreclosures, they are out there, lurking in every neighborhood.  Silently sitting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting!  Soon to snare the unwitting seller who waits to long to place their home on the market and sell before the next dip in the housing market! What is a zombie house?  It is...

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