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Windsor's weekly star studded buy is a Queen Ann style home located in great location near Wyandotte. This property is only going for $80,850, is located across from a church, has a deep lot with a garage, and is going to be snapped up fast. This property is wonderfully located within easy walkin...
Looking for Fix and Flips in Windsor and Essex County real estate market, you've come to the right place! Surprisingly, this is one market that has yet to be perfected by any one agent, with many Windsor realtors going after this market niche. However, not all realtors are solely focused on this ...
I know what you may be thinking, this opportunity is in another city (I had moved to Toronto to work in real estate, only to then move to Windsor a year later). However, what I'm here to share with you is an opportunity that was presented to me, and all occurred through NETWORKING! We've all been...
Do we have a chance in getting this home? This morning woke up and had started the day as usual, when was met with horrible news that my buyers offer, even though accepted, has now been cancelled. How you ask? Well, apparently when I took the call from the selling realtor yesterday, I was informe...
Real estate in Windsor is selling like hot cakes this 2013 summer. I have buyers all over the Windsor and Essex County area, that are looking to become first time home buyers, or move, and any home that they like and want to see, ends up being sold within a day or two it seems. I have now been te...
Looking to invest in real estate but there are no deals in Windsor and Essex County. Welcome to the club. It's not easy finding that perfect real estate property that will be the end all to all your financial problems. A little hint, there is no perfect property. No matter how much you look, no m...
A day in the life of a Windsor Realtor, or for any realtor across the world, most likely can not be summed up in one day because every day brings something new. It has been over a year now since I began my career as a real estate agent, first as a Toronto Realtor, now currently as a Windsor Realt...
Finding a home in Windsor, Ontario or in any city is much easier these days with the use of the internet. Because of this, many people wonder why they should use a realtor to help them find a home. I've heard this many times since starting my real estate career, in both Toronto and Windsor. "Peop...
How to sell your home quick in Windsor is easier said then done. It would be great if one could just make the decision to sell their home, put a sign on the lawn, and have people come knocking on the door saying they will buy it... for more than it is worth! However, you then wake up from your am...
Working with home buyers in Windsor is a lot different then when working with home buyers in Toronto. For one, they are much more loyal, it seems so far, from my brief experience as well as from talking with other Windsor Realtors. Just other day when sold one my listings on Brimley, the realtor ...

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