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Purpose of this blog is to: 1) Share the Colorado Experience 2) Educate
What is this?  When I am visiting downtown Colorado Springs, I often feel like little country girl that has come to the city for the first time.  I’m always amazed at all of the interesting things to look at.  Instead of wanting to stop and touch; I find myself wanting to stop and photograph.    ...
What is the Front Range?  If you spend much time in Pueblo, Colorado Springs or the Denver Metro area you are bound to hear people talk about the Front Range.    What is the Front Range?       The Front Range is the most eastern mountain range that is part of the Rocky Mountains.   It runs betwee...
 One Can Not Think Well, Love Well, Sleep Well, If One Has Not Dined Well. ---Virginia Woolf  I’ll add that “One Can Not Blog Well when One Has Dined Well.   If I wasn’t on the next to last day of a 30 day blogging challenge, I would NOT  be trying to post a blog tonight.    I saw the Virginia Wo...
Time to Reflect Time to Reflect on the Past Time to Reflect on the Present Time to Refect on the Future.    It almost seems hard to believe this is Easter weekend.  March 29th.  The first quarter of this year is almost gone.  As real estate professionals, our busy season is about to start.  What ...
Yes.  As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I hear this question a lot.  Before I get into the “good stuff,” I have to get the disclaimers out of the way:   The IRS tax rules change each year.   At this point, it is too early to say with any certainty what changes will apply to home sales that ...
The photographic opportunities in downtown Colorado Springs are only limited by a person’s imagination or lack thereof.     I have found that taking lots of photographs has caused me to slow down and notice the beauty in my surroundings.   As I seek to improve the quality of my photographs, I've ...
How Am I Prepping for the Market Shift?  I’m getting ready to help my competition to be their best.  I’m excited the real estate market is improving.  Short sales, foreclosures and fix it uppers have never been “my cup of tea.”  I like the listing side the best, so that is where I will focus my e...
Horse Property Market Report Douglas Elbert Parker area January 1, 2013 – March 15, 2013   This market report is only contains homes that are on 5 acres or more  that have a barn and some fencing. If you would like market information that is more general or for a different location, please call m...
Colorado Springs, Olympics, James Bond                       Downtown Colorado Springs is proud to be the home to the Unites State Olympic Committee and a United States Olympic Training Center.      I missed the summer Olympics last year. I don't watch TV and I couldn't make it to London last yea...
Blogging on Active Rain can be very good for your business.  The time I have spent on Active Rain is more than justified from a financial perspective.  Additionally, Active Rain also allows you to create an amazing network of real estate professionals across the entire United States.  Personally,...

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Purpose of this blog is to share the Colorado Experience and to Educate