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Purpose of this blog is to: 1) Share the Colorado Experience 2) Educate
The Black Forest remains a popular place to buy country homes in the Colorado Springs area.     Although homes in the million dollar price range are not selling yet, numerous homes are selling in the lower price ranges.   As of yesterday, 131 homes have sold in the Black Forest for prices ranging...
I joined the NRA (National Rifle Association) last week.  I'm not a hunter.  I'm not a gun collector.  However, I do believe that our second amendment right to own and bear arms is important.  The criminals will always find a way to get guns and ammo.  So as a law abiding female, I want to be abl...
From a reader's perspective, how many pictures are too many pictures for a blog post?  Does size matter?  Size of the pictures that is.....    I primarily blog about the "Colorado experience."     Colorado is such a beautiful state and there are so many things to do, that it is hard not to get so...
 On Monday morning, Labor Day, I drug myself out of bed at 5 am. I quickly got dressed.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and dashed out the door hoping that I wasn’t going to be late for the 37th Annual Colorado Balloon Classic that was being held at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.   All across town...
  Our Meetup in Westcliffe, CO on Saturday may have not been the best attended Meetup.  However, it was probably held in the most amazing, beautiful, and charming location.    John Johnston opted to host the Meetup at the Courtyard Country Inn Bed & Breakfast in Westcliffe.   My poor camera went ...
  People are the heart of a community.     Colorado Springs attracts people that choose to run for fun and to hike for miles.   As one of those people, I can say that we appreciate the adventures and the challenges that the mountains and open spaces provide.     Unfortunately, last year the Waldo...
Resilience “Every great personal story you have to tell involves overcoming adversity. If you shy away from adversity, you take away your ability to tell new stories.” – Farrel Droke     We have known that Manitou Springs was at a higher than normal flooding risk as result of the Waldo Canyon bur...
I first met Melissa back in early December.  She was VERY pregnant and looked like she was about to pop even though the baby wasn't due for another month.     Now, six months later, I find myself amazed that her incredibly cute baby is already cutting teeth.   Where did the time go?    A lot of b...
This should have been a re-blog.  Yet, I couldn't reblog the post.   Sarah Becker from Plumas Lake, CA, wrote an amazing post in response to the Letter to My Newbie Self Contest." Her post was called "Buy the Sunscreen"   She is a very beautiful agent, inside and out, who is 33.  Around the time ...
Have you ever had a dream or a great business idea that everyone was against?  You might be told:  It won't work, it will be too expensive, the location is wrong, the timing is wrong, the political environment is wrong, etc., etc.   Did you persevere?  I've stumbled across the amazing story of tw...

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Purpose of this blog is to share the Colorado Experience and to Educate